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Аpplication for employment

Please read and ensure you understand the following before completing this form:

• Application for employment can be either downloaded as Word document or filled in online. This form is for you to register interest in employment with CJSC Z Explorer. Completing this form does not guarantee you a job.
• We may contact any of your previous employers shown on this form for the purpose of confirming your employment details and determining your suitability for employment.
• If you currently have any qualifications, we will need you to produce copies of the certificates at interview.

Thank you for your interest in our company!

 Аpplication for employment (Word)


Aplication applied for the position of:

Personal information

Name: Date of Birth:
Email: Home Phone:
Home Address:

Position sought

If you do not know to what position you want to apply then please select 3 areas of interest from the list and try to ensure you get one of your preferred sections. We cannot guarantee that all of the positions sought will be available.

Administration Mobile Plant Operator Mechanic Camp Coordinator
Carpenter Healthcare Worker Plumber Field Assistant
Cook Geologist Community Relations Officer Machinery Operator
Cleaner Environmental Specialist Rigger HR Officer
Crane Operator Scaffolder Store Person Laboratory Technician
Driller Security Guard Surveyor Mining Specialist
Emergency Response Officer Procurement Assistant IT Engineer Other
Odd-job Worker Hydraulic Engineer Safety Engineer


Name of institution and year of graduation:
Major area of study:


Beginning with your current or most recent employment, please provide details of the last FIVE years, including any periods of unemployment.
IMPORTANT: We can contact any of your previous employers listed below for the purpose of confirming your employment details and determining your suitability for employment.

May we also contact your CURRENT employer?  Yes   No
Company name: Position held:
Name of Supervisor: Telephone number:
Employment dates
Your main duties and responsibilities?
Location / Joint Venture: Reasons for leaving:


Thank you for completing this form and registering interest in our organization. We appreciate your time and effort. We will maintain the confidentiality of information you submit. Whilst this form is no guarantee of employment, we hope to speak with you soon.